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Wardley Mapping: Designing Epistemically Healthy Organizations

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DDD Europe Workshop Join Ben Mosior and Jabe Bloom for the workshop "Wardley Mapping: Designing Epistemically Healthy Organizations" through DDD Europe! Systems that are too big to be understood inhibit their own maintainability and long-term sustainment. Because they are not “knowable,” they reproduce vague, lengthy decision-making, and conditions for conflict resolution that require the use… Continue reading Wardley Mapping: Designing Epistemically Healthy Organizations

Wardley Mapping: The What, Why, and How

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Join us for an interactive training session on the basics of Wardley Mapping. Hosted by Ben Mosior and Whether you're totally new to Wardley Mapping or just need a refresher, we'll equip you with the understanding you need to make your own maps and get the most out of Map Camp 2021 (coming up on October 13th). Maps were… Continue reading Wardley Mapping: The What, Why, and How

Map Camp 2021

What is Map Camp? It started as a tweet from Simon Wardley asking if anyone would like to have "a small meetup in London on mapping". It had so much interest that it quickly turned into a full day event. Map Camp is now a series of events including workshops and talks about mapping techniques… Continue reading Map Camp 2021

Wardley Mapping Practice

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Join us and get some practice with Wardley Mapping!


Impromptu Wardley Mapping

From the event page: Learn and practice Wardley Mapping 🗺️, by Wardley Mapping with others on Monday 13th of December. "Impromptu Wardley Mapping" is a meetup, where we will work together, sharing our knowledge and experience of Wardley through mapping together. This workshop is open to levels of experience, beginner and experienced mapper alike. Agenda:… Continue reading Impromptu Wardley Mapping

Wardley Mapping Accelerator

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Wardley Mapping is a self-taught strategy. Popularized by its inventor, Simon Wardley, Wardley Mapping uses visual models to prompt important strategic conversations and decisions. Today, Wardley Mapping finds plenty of use in personal, organizational, and even national contexts to create purposeful designs, facilitate transformation, and even save lives. While Simon Wardley has written a free… Continue reading Wardley Mapping Accelerator