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Wardley Mapping for Museums with Ben Mosior

In this single-session, 90-minute lab, Ben Mosior join the fine folks at Museums as Progress (MAP) to introduce participants to Wardley Mapping, a visual conversation starter that supports renewed purpose within organizations. Wardley Mapping helps you describe your organization, the environment it's dealing with, and the changes that are underway, all so you can confront… Continue reading Wardley Mapping for Museums with Ben Mosior

Wardley Mapping Accelerator

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Wardley Mapping is a self-taught strategy. Popularized by its inventor, Simon Wardley, Wardley Mapping uses visual models to prompt important strategic conversations and decisions. Today, Wardley Mapping finds plenty of use in personal, organizational, and even national contexts to create purposeful designs, facilitate transformation, and even save lives. While Simon Wardley has written a free… Continue reading Wardley Mapping Accelerator