What you can do is only as good as what you can know.

Wardley Mapping is a tool for strategic intent that supports you in your role as a knower, communicator, and leader.

Three Pillars of Wardley Mapping

Visualize systems and how they change

Know the basic patterns of capitalism

Exploit those patterns with strategic intent

Reference Material

LWM has gathered a body of material about Wardley Mapping and each step of the Strategy Cycle. There is much to explore and learn. Are you ready?

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Join our weekly online events to learn the basics of Wardley Mapping, get practical mapping experience on issues that matter, and explore your most important questions with others.

Recent Articles and Case Studies

Wardley Mapping Fake News

Wardley Mapping Fake News

On March 5th, we attended an online workshop to get some hands-on practice with Wardley Mapping. The topic of the day was Disinformation, and our group focused on mapping how to recognize fake news — truth or not, technological fakes, deep fakes, videos, pictures, and all kinds of things that come to mind when we hear that phrase…

Visualizing the Interaction of Evolution and Data (Measurement)

Visualizing the Interaction of Evolution and Data (Measurement)

Over the last few months, I've been reading material by Frank W. Geels on the Multi Level Perspective, which uses arrows to visualize change and transition in the disposition of a market ecosystem. Here's an example: I was recently discussing evolution with a client...

The Value of Doctrine

The Value of Doctrine

One of the more curious aspects of Wardley Mapping is Doctrine — what we choose to believe are universally-applicable principles. Doctrine is essentially values-based ideas like putting users first and being open to challenge. Simon Wardley presents his chosen...


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Engage in a deep and practical team learning experience focused on mapping together, identifying opportunities, and making proposals for action. Available online (in-person currently suspended), as a full or half day. 

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