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What Is Wardley Mapping?

We make better decisions when we understand who our work benefits, what those benefits are, and the system of capabilities that comes together to make it all happen. Though we are entangled with a vast global market that we cannot fully know, we can know more than we know now. That’s what Wardley Mapping is all about — coming to appreciate the details of our situation so our actions can be even more purposeful.

Know your users

Who is it for?

Know user needs

What do they get?

Know the details

How do needs get met?

Reduce bias

What do others know?

How Does It Work?

Wardley Mapping works by visualizing knowledge, and knowledge is power. Create knowledge, challenge assumptions, and rehearse strategic moves together.

Wardley Mapping is something you do when you're in a messy situation and must rise to the occasion. Thankfully, there's no magic to it. Just follow the process outlined here and stay curious.

And don't worry; if you get stuck, just reach out. We'll get you uncovering incredible opportunities in no time!

Ben Mosior, LWM Educator

Get started: Make your first map.

Find pen and paper

That's all you need to make your first map. We'll show you the rest!

Follow along with the video

Step through the process with Ben. Do what he does, and sketch out your first map!

Share with Ben

Want to share your progress, get feedback, and ask questions? Take a picture of your map and share with Ben in the chat!

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There are some seriously intense implications that Wardley maps reveal about our political and social structures. I'm finding myself disturbed and intrigued and want to dive in further.

In the last year we now have 100+ founders who've done mapping & have had their minds blown. I don't know how to measure the revenue or growth impact of doing Wardley Maps & gaining more clarity, but we do see an improvement in conviction & speed of decision making.

Wardley Mapping provides an opportunity for the dominant narrative to become conspicuous, space for nondominant narratives to be named and understood, and can illustrate the strategic value of nondominant narratives.

One of the great lessons of Wardley Maps is the power of novel visualizations that work on multiple dimensions... Conversations can be so much richer and effective.

Wardley Mapping is all creative commons, share alike. You can always read the book, but once you get the basics just try it and practice.

Wardley Mapping is all about democratising strategy. I have every intention of wiping out the existing management / strategy consultancy industry and replacing it with something that actually does the job.

Simon Wardley, creator of Wardley Mapping

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