Wardley Mapping

Strategy for the Self-Taught

Are you unclear about what to do and why?

Are your plans creating more confusion than clarity?

Do you end up second-guessing yourself as a result?

Show your work! Make a Wardley Map!

first lists of parts, then value chains (parts with dependency relationships), then wardley maps (value chains with parts horizontally positioned in terms of evolution)

Competence, clarity, and alignment… one sketch at a time.

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How It Works

Wardley Mapping in 90 Seconds

Make a Model of the Situation

A Wardley Map reveals how we think capabilities fit together to meet real needs in the market.

Go with the Market Flow

Change isn't as random as we might think. We just need to spot the hidden patterns.

Embrace Common Sense

Organizations need healthy habits, too! Good principles can make a big difference.

Explore Strategic Gameplay

Basic market moves can be strung together to form unique, context-specific strategies.

Mapping costs you nothing but your own time & effort. It's all creative commons, share alike. You can always read the book, but once you get the basics just try it and practice.

Simon Wardley, creator of Wardley Mapping
(Photo courtesy of Tiania Lea, CC BY-SA 4.0.)

Start Mapping Today!

Get the book

If you prefer to learn by reading, this free book details Simon Wardley’s journey into the world of strategy and the invention of Wardley Mapping.

The first five chapters shares why Wardley Mapping is helpful and shows you how to get started. Available in digital, print, and audiobook formats.

Take our course

If you want to save time, build confidence, and get value out of Wardley Mapping right away, join our online course, Pragmatic Wardley Mapping.

We’ve boiled down the basics of Wardley Mapping into a shortest-path-to-value experience that has helped hundreds of leaders like you.

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In the last year we now have 100+ founders who've done mapping & have had their minds blown. I don't know how to measure the revenue or growth impact of doing Wardley Maps & gaining more clarity, but we do see an improvement in conviction & speed of decision making.

One of the great lessons of Wardley Maps is the power of novel visualizations that work on multiple dimensions... Conversations can be so much richer and effective.

Wardley Mapping provides an opportunity for the dominant narrative to become conspicuous, space for nondominant narratives to be named and understood, and can illustrate the strategic value of nondominant narratives.

In Simon's Own Words

Courtesy of AWS Public Sector.

Make Your First Map!

Find pencil and paper

Follow the video

Get help

If you get stuck, let us know! And don't forget, our online course has helped thousands just like you.

When you're in a moment of opportunity, Wardley Mapping can help you rise to the occasion. Thankfully, there's no magic to it. Just follow the process and stay curious.

Ben Mosior
Strategy Educator

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