A glossary of common terms used in Wardley Mapping.

Name Description
Context Our purpose and the landscape
Environment The context and how it is changing
Situational awareness Our level of understanding of the environment
Actual The map in use
Domain Uncharted vs Transitional vs Industrialised
Stage Of evolution e.g. Genesis, Custom, Product, Commodity
Type Activity, Practice, Data or Knowledge
Component A single entity in a map
Anchor The user need
Position Position of a component relative to the anchor in a chain of needs
Need Something a higher level system requires
Capability High level needs you provide to others
Movement How evolved a component is
Interface Connection between components
Flow Transfer of money, risk & information between components
Climate Rules of the game, patterns that are applied across contexts
Doctrine Approaches which can be applied regardless of context
Strategy A context specific approach
A legend of Wardley Mapping notations.

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