PowerPoint Macros Menu

To get started with the Wardley Mapping Macros Menu in Microsoft PowerPoint:

  1. Visit Cristophe Le Coënt’s blog post to download the Macro-Enabled Presentation (.pptm).
  2. Open the file, and enable macros when prompted (only if you trust the source or have inspected the macros yourself).
  3. Use the Wardley Mapping toolbar to start making your Wardley Map!
  4. Say thanks to Cristophe Le Coënt on LinkedIn.



  1. I should note that I reviewed the macros on Oct 3rd, 2022 and found only instructions related to adding and positioning shapes. Macros can be used to do malicious things, so as a general rule, always inspect the code yourself to make sure it’s safe!

  2. Thanks a lot Ben for sharing my to, the code is accessible using the developper menu on Powerpoint!

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