Wardley Mapping Facilitation

In Wardley Mapping, if you want to go fast, you go alone. But if you want to go far — and build all that good “shared understanding” stuff we hear about — you need friends. You need to map with others!

Making Bad Meetings Better With Wardley Doctrine

A lot can (and often does) go wrong in meetings. Plenty of speaking, but no listening. Attention and status games, but no clarity or action. “Why was I invited?” “Will they notice if I leave?” “Oh no, we’re running over time again.” We can make things just a little bit better, with the help of a few simple doctrinal principles from Wardley Mapping.

7 Ways to Fail

This is the worst guide to Wardley Mapping ever written — a tongue-in-cheek collection of bad advice. In other words, this is everything I would tell someone about Wardley Mapping if I wanted them to fail.