There’s nothing wrong with you. Wardley Mapping is just hard.

Welcome back to another entry in our Wardley Mapping Advice series. Got a Wardley Mapping question? Send it in here! Audrey M. asks: I’m not sure how i didn’t realize that you were also involved with Pip Decks. Sadly, I find myself in the same boat with the Pip Decks and the Wardley Maps. Intellectually,… Continue reading There’s nothing wrong with you. Wardley Mapping is just hard.

AI-enabled Strategy

Greg Easthouse asks: How long until we get a wardleyagent gpt ai? Well, Greg, I’m afraid it’s too late. ChatGPT has already taken the lead on this one. Or rather, Steve Pereira kicked the exploration off. So whatever happens next is his fault now. 😛 I, for one, welcome our Wardley-based autonomous overlords! 🤖 In… Continue reading AI-enabled Strategy

Don’t lead with the label

Hi there! I asked for your questions about Wardley Mapping, and you sure answered! First up, Joel Eden asks: As a consultant in the areas of design research, design strategy, experience design, lean product management, etc, I already have so many methods that I use with clients and it can feel like we are asking… Continue reading Don’t lead with the label

Listen to Your Ecosystems

Wardley says “listen to your ecosystems.” There are many different forms of ecosystems and ways to exploit them. You can build powerful sensing engines (e.g. the ILC model) for future change, sources of co-operation with others, defensive and offensive alliances. But ecosystems need management, they need tending as a gardener tends a garden — sometimes… Continue reading Listen to Your Ecosystems

Features are Fashion, Capabilities are Commerce

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Features feel like Fashion. Some come and go. Some stick around. Regardless, they are small. They move quickly. Features are useful because of how they enable rapid exploration, trend setting, and quick adaptation to meet people’s very real needs. However, they’re not all there is. Capabilities feel more like Commerce. You have to zoom the… Continue reading Features are Fashion, Capabilities are Commerce