Strategy Tactics is coming July 17th!

My co-author, David Holl, and I are both freaking out. We have test copies in our hands. That makes it real, right?

If you’re on the wait list, you’ll get it a week earlier (July 10th).


Q: What’s a Pip Deck?

It’s a skills upgrade and confidence booster in a box. 54 tactics that tell you exactly what steps to follow and why, in categories like purpose, leadership, adaptation, plays, and more.


Q: Are there any cards about Wardley Mapping?

A: Strategy Tactics doesn’t try to sum up the field of strategy overall but instead goes deep on two specific bodies of work that more people ought to learn about —Wardley Mapping and Ideal Present Design. So yeah, there’s Wardley Mapping!


Q: How long did the Strategy Tactics deck take to develop?

A: It took about 15 months of work to identify 54 useful tactics, devise the strategy system, and write and rewrite each card again and again. (We finished the first 90% in about 6 months, but the last 90% was the real challenge!)


Q: How did you pick the best tactics to include?

A: We started with the essentials from Ideal Present Design and Wardley Mapping — everything we would regret not including — and then built out from there. Since the strategy system is more or less comprehensive, it was easier to find holes in the deck. Then we just had to find something good enough, valuable enough, and long-lasting enough that fit.


Q: Why was a Pip Deck the best format for these ideas?

A: We tried sharing our favorite books with our colleagues and clients, but in the end nobody would read them. After all, every book is a gamble; you have no idea whether the investment of reading it cover to cover will be worth it! A Pip Deck boils down the essential points into step-by-step actions you can take right away. It’s a safer bet, and you get results right away. Of course we still want you to read the books too, but we understand if you’d rather use a Pip Deck.

Don’t forget to join the wait list!

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