Mapping Power: An Introduction to Burja Mapping

Once you have a strategy, you need to get your team on board. Who can help you implement your strategy? Who might be an obstacle, or enemy? Samo Burja’s Empire Theory provides a framework for mapping power. After this talk, you’ll be able to start mapping power in your organization and beyond.

Continuous Mapping

Kill all your darlings, crumple all your Wardley Maps. Not every map needs to be a perfectly polished artifact and sometimes a lo-fi, easily discarded sketch (or two or two dozen) is superior in that it allows a space to be wrong and grants permission to explore.

An Introduction to Mapping

At Map Camp ATL 2019, Simon Wardley introduces the concepts of situational awareness, why maps matter and how to map a competitive landscape. He examines a few basic patterns in mapping and how the field is being currently used.